Easy Guide to Medicare Supplement Plans

Many Medicare Advantage plans include Part D drug insurance, but you can also purchase a standalone policy to choose from among a variety of Medicare Advantage plans that do not include the benefits of Regular and Traditional Medicare, which provide the bulk of Medicare coverage for seniors and people with pre-existing conditions. You can supplement […]

What’s in Your Backyard? Responsible Investing

A recent study by Nwake Research Switzerland industry experts has been asking consumers about what they are comfortable and confident about when it comes to investing their money, and what they know about the different investment options. The responses have been quite interesting and the results portray a picture of two different groups of consumers, […]

2021 Medicare Supplement Part F

There are several Medicare supplement plans available to seniors. Of these, Medicare Supplement PartĀ F 2021 will provide you with the most extensive coverage. It is a supplemental insurance plan that attaches to the Original Medicare plan and provides some extra coverage for you. Supplement Plan F fills the coverage gaps left by original Medicare. It […]

Medicare Supplement Plan G 2021

The main reason why people choose one insurance plan over the other is cost. Is your current plan saving you as much money as possible? Medicare Supplement Plan G 2021 is one plan that is saving a lot of people their healthcare bills. It is the most comprehensive plan among the currently available Medicare supplement […]

Humana Medicare Advantage Plans 2021

Why must seniors consider Medicare Advantage plans for covering their health insurance? Well, the reason is that the Advantage plans provide some of the best value to the seniors. You may find many medical plans and other policies for general healthcare. Still, there is nothing that seems to offer as similar coverage as an Advantage […]

Medicare Supplement Plans Comparison Chart 2021

Medicare is a government medical insurance for people above the age of 65. It covers the basic costs of both inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment, but it still has many expenses left uncovered. Medicare covers 80% of basic medical costs while the remaining 20% is out of pocket cost for the patient. Also, Medicare covers […]

Be Sure Whether to Buy Insurance or Not

If you are unsure whether you are buying insurance or not, just ask if a licensed insurance company is offering the plan and check it with the insurance company. There are now state licensed Medicare supplement rebate plans. You must know the answers to all the necessary questions before purchasing any type of Medicare supplement […]